Why consider a ‘one on one’ consulting session

Do you keep sending out dozens of job applications, yet you struggle to get interviews? Or you can manage to make it through the first stage but you never find out where it could have gone wrong? Applying directly to employers is cost-free and you can do it on your own, but, are you doing it effectively?
A definite part of every job hunt should be registering with recruitment agencies. There is no cost to apply for a job, and you are likely to be provided with a prompt feedback after your interview. However, recruiters seek candidates to fill their clients’ openings and they do not get paid for talking to those hundreds of applicants that just did not qualify.

What do the others do better than you?

There is no secret to getting hired – all there is, is preparation and strategy.

During a 1 hour session, we will discuss

  • your career history
  • job preferences
  • future endeavors
  • best job search practices
  • advice and feedback on your resume
  • interview preparation
  • skills matching
  • and we will ensure that your next job application will get the necessary attention.

As the outputs that you will have created by the end of our session, you will become more informed and competitive in the job market, you will have more reasonable expectations and will be able to better and more effectively target your job search, write better cover letters, improve your resume, become job ready and able to let the employers know, and you will be that one important step closer to getting the job you want!

How convenient is our service

  • You can schedule your appointment online now and visit the office in as little as 15 minutes.
  • Once you submit your appointment application, please wait for a response to either confirm your date, or to schedule an alternative time. Please refer to our convenient online calendar for availability  updates.
  • We always welcome walk-ins; however, appointments are strongly encouraged.

LIMITED TIME ONLY: Book a session before December 22nd, 2013 for only $ 29.00 (reg. $ 49.00).

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